Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Manchester, VT

We are at the Green Mountain House in Vermont! We are at mile 538 which represents 25% of the trail done! Vermont is a much more forgiving state when it comes to terrain. Switchbacks exist and there are a lot less rocks. Just a few more days and we will be in Massachusetts. I have no pictures to post as of now but I can tell you that the place we are staying tonight is probably nicer than any house I will ever live in. Its incredible! It reminds me of a beach house that I would pay five hundred dollars for a weekend stay, however it comes with a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and is only 15$ ha. (when I said that I would pay that much to stay in a weekend beach house I meant that other people would pay that much to stay...just to be clear) The last three days were our rainiest so far but we managed just fine.
Tip to future AT thru-hikers: 1. Don't walk two and a half miles then realize you left your rain jacket then proceed to ditch your pack on the side of the trail and run the five mile round trip to retrieve it. I would suggest just not leaving your rain jacket in the beginning to remedy this situation.
2. Always floss.

Thank you all for everything! Hope all is well!
Walking south,
Addison (Reset)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hanover, New Hampshire

We are 2 miles from Vermont and being done with New Hampshire! There is one thing that is now for sure and that is that we are out of the Mountains! This is the first meadow we have seen since being on the trail. Cooking supperHuge fire tower at the top of one of our last mountains. The view from the top was incredible! have decided to let everyone know that there are two things that I have started doing since beginning the trail:
1. Flossing
2. Walking

Thats about it.....ok good talk!

Love you all and thank you for everything. I have had several requests from people who want to send me things while I am on the trail and want to know what to send. I am going to place a wish list soon!!
Walking south,
Addison (reset)

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books. -John Lubbock

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lincoln, New Hampshire

I am now in Lincoln, New Hampshire and almost finished with the White Mountains! The Whites have been absolutely beautiful. I climbed up to Mt. Washington two days ago and had a clear day over all of the presidential range. The wind chill was 20 degrees with gusts up to 70 mph but it was so beautifully clear!
This is the Presidential range behind me

This the summit of Mount Washington.

There are huts in the White mountains where people pay about 120$ to stay the night. That includes a supper and breakfast. The huts are run by college aged people. The thru-hikers obviously are not going to pay that much money to stay but in some places the only shelter is the huts. They offer the thru-hikers a work for stay where we get to sleep on the dining room tables and eat the left-overs. It is a pretty sweet deal actually. I spent the last three nights in the huts doing work for stay. The first two huts I gave a thru-hiker program to the paying guests. They asked me questions about the trail and why I was doing it and such. It was pretty cool and actually pretty fun. My last night in one of the huts I did dishes after supper and breakfast. The huts have been a great experience and I can say that I have not eaten better on the trail than the last three days! Here is one of the huts we stayed at and that is my sleeping bag on the right table.

After getting through the Presidential range we moved on to Franconia Ridge which has been one of my favorite places so far. I was walking with a new face to all of you named Deep Dish. Me and Deep Dish were going to try and push 20 miles over the ridge to get to town the day before yesterday. We started up Mt. Lafayete and had been above the tree line for about an hour when we heard the first thunder. Then we saw this moving towards us.We had about five minutes to throw a tarp down and take cover in some boulders. We rode the storm out for about an hour and a half. It might have been absolutely incredible to be in the middle of a storm above the tree line on a ridge. This is me and Deep Dish taking shelter under our tarp. When the storm let up we continued on up the mountain and made it to shelter after about another hour. Visiblity was at about 10ft the rest of the evening. The great thing was the next day was the clearest day we have had the entire time on the trail and we got this picture.

This is another picture up on the ridge.

This is just one of my favorite picture so far. I took this from the Imp Shelter right outside of Gorham, NH.

We are doing well and I am hoping to meet back up with Mike today! It will be good to see his pretty face for the first time in a few days. I love you all so much and am reminded of you each day. God is moving in me in ways that He never has before. I am daily being broken and rebuilt by Him and am so thankful for it. Psalms 46 check it out!

Walking south,

Addison (Reset)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank you Maine! Hello New Hampshire!

Hello from New Hampshire!
We have finished the 281.4 miles of trail in Maine and are resting in Gorham, New Hampshire at the moment. Maine was beautiful and a blast. I have posted all of my pictures from Maine go to!/album.php?id=26517859&aid=2244306&s=0&hash=8c3884768cb05bfe25a4ff094cdf1cec I have learned a few things while being here on the trail. One of them being never eat a 780 calorie whoopie pie for breakfast then go walk 23 miles. This will lead you to a day filled with storms, rain, and running out of water followed by three guys in a two person tent eating McDonalds cheeseburgers. Me plug and dread decided to walk 23 to the road right outside of Gorham in order to wake up and hitch directly into town the next day. We had six miles to go at about 5:00 when the rain began. We were supposed to pass a brook a mile from the road to get water for the night and when I walked out into the parking lot I might have been a little sad and out of water. We did not have water but were going to just ride the night out until the next morning. When we walked out to the road we saw another hiker and he told us he was hitching into town to grab cheeseburgers and then coming back out. We got excited and decided to send Dread to grab us some. Three and a half hours later Dread gets dropped off soaking wet with 8 cheeseburgers haha. It worked out finally and we slept what little we could then we hitched in early the next morning and went straight to McDonalds. It was a great night and out first in New Hampshire.
We are about to hit the White Mountains and get out butts kicked. I am excited about it! Send all mail to North Woodstock, N.H. P.O 03262.
Thank you all for everything!
Walking south,
Addison (Reset)

Sorry so short! Getting kicked off the computer in the public library!!