Thursday, December 16, 2010

Springer Mountain!!

We completed our journey on the afternoon of December 12th! The 2,179 mile trail took us just over 5 months or 158 days. We are now finished and at our homes with our families. These videos help tell some of the story!

At the Lodge the day after we finished! Eating breakfast with our families! At the Dollar General waiting for our ride. We got a hitch from some guys out joy riding there Jeeps in the snow. It was the last ride off the mountain or we would have been spending a long cold night in the storm that had just moved in.

It has been five months. We stayed in different places, met new faces and adventures head on. We have changed. We are two different men then we were when we started because of the things we encountered. Without the love and support of our families and friends we would not have been able to do what we did. The hardest mountain I feel that we climbed was Springer mountain. Physically it was perhaps one of the easiest but knowing that at the top of that mountain our adventure would end was what made if difficult. The way of life that we had come to know, understand and love was about to change. We accomplished our goal of walking the entirety of the Appalachian trail from Maine to Georgia but we accomplished something much more important than that. We embraced the journey. We laughed and cried. We were filled with joy and we were also at times completely misereable but through it all we embraced it. This would not have taken place if it were not for a few friends of ours. Thanks to Wolfman, Stoker, Babyface, Lone Ranger, Full Value, Dread, Roots Rock, Catfish, Churchill, Geo, Domelight, Dodger, Sherpa, Boss lady, Pre-life Crisis, Crazy talk, Radar and Plug. Thank you all for in your own individual ways being a part of our journey.

The reason that I started this dream was because it was the original dream of a friend of mine. This man that I began this journey with and spent the most time with on this trip (all but 4 nights) is someone who I can absolutely call a brother. He was known by many names including but not limited to Thunder, Tail End, Emperor and the only name that really stuck Mikey Baby!! Thank you brother for your inspiration and your encouragement. We have finished our AT journey and are now looking forward beginning a new one. Thank you all for everything!! Love.

Until the next adventure,

Addison (Reset)

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  1. We are so dang proud of you and Mikey!!!! Starting was tough, but finishing is HUGE! It was awesome getting to follow your journey and get to see you and meet all of your friends along the way. Can't wait to see you here soon and know what your next adventure will be!

    mucho amor