Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shenandoa National Park the bonus package.

The writing below was three days ago! Now we are in Glascow, VA. Its a thriving town of about six people it seems. We have about 700 something to go!! Here are some pictures from the Shenandoa's also just some good quality video action.

We walked out of Shenandoa National Park yesterday afternoon and are now in Waynesboro, VA. The park was incredible and I saw my first bear of the trip. It was a bear cub running away from us following its mother we were hoping??? We have 800 something left to go and are moving pretty fast. Its getting cold now we are walking in the 40's and 50's and the nights are starting to dip into the 30's. Oh boy the smokies are going to be cold. About to go eat a bunch of pancakes then walk 20. Thank you all for everything!
My favorite picture so far!
A dog followed me and mikey then our friend Roots Rock for about 20 miles then Root Rock returned it to its owner.Mike got us lost...I promise.

Your welcome.

Thank you all for everything! I am once again getting kicked out of a library. Time to go eat some gas station food. Life is good.

Walking south,

Addison (Reset)


  1. dude, i could have yo-yo'd by now. What's taking so freakin' long?

    love you boys! keep rockin'

  2. Addison,

    What the hell are you doing? You look like the grungiest, most disgusting guy ever. And what are you doing with your life? Walking around some damn mountains. Yeah, that's why your parents paid for you to go to college. What are you doing with your life?

    Grow up. And while you're at it. Shave that damn beard and get a haircut.

    Yours sincerely,

  3. haha it's not really a beard he just glues pubic hair onto his face.

    phikia 2