Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pearisburg, VA...things just got real.

We are in Pearisburg, VA staying at the Holiday Motor Lodge for a exciting 37 dollars a night. We have now walked 1552.7 miles!
Mcaffees knobYesterday was a fun one as you can see from the picture below! Ill let the videos explain...

My feet hurt but my soul feels good. The cold is a constant reminder of our weaknesses which I feel is a good thing. To be strong at times means to be weak. We are walking home and will be there soon. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Walking south,

Addison (Reset)

Just a little shelter fun when the rain started.


  1. dude. So (a) I am so entertained by these videos. (b) I'm a little jealous that you are truly watching the seasons change as you walk through them (c) Really proud of you!

  2. go out west and do some real hiking you fucking pussy

  3. I love that first picture! Makes me nervous looking at it. So proud of you guys!!

  4. damn sitting in my room with a cast on watching your videos at 2 in the morning. What i would give for a shelter right now...

  5. enjoying keeping up with you. i would love to do this one day! woohooo!

  6. I'm not gonna lie thats pretty cool, but youre still gay