Monday, November 15, 2010

Damascus, VA 460 miles left!

Its going to be a short one! I have to re-supply and such. We are in Damascus, VA right now with only 460 to go! We had a great last stretch and are about to push 9 days into Hot Springs, NC in order to catch thanksgiving with Mike's family! Things are going great and since this is our last day in VA we can officially say that Virginia is for lovers......and ponies.
Wild Ponies!!!
This pony chewed two holes in the grip of my trekking pole....quality.
We are doing well and are about to push pretty hard for the next 9 days. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Sorry no videos this time! I will post lots of the ponies next stop. We love you all!
Walking south,
Addison (Reset)

Oh yeah and rifle season started. Heard 6 gunshots before I got out of my sleeping bag two days ago....makes things spicy.

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